Malta, 16-20 July 2010
About Conference

The International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics, already the fifth one, takes place in Malta, July 16-20, 2010. It is held under the auspices of International Network of Continuum Physics and Thermodynamics (INCoPaT). One of the main aims of the meeting is to bring together scientists from Eastern Europe working in various fields of widely understood continuum physics with those of Western and Central Europe for extending their existing co-operation and for creating new connections.

A special emphasis will be put on the representation of various concepts applied to the different physical fields. Conference topics related to continuum physics include:
  • Fundamentals of continuum physics
  • New trends in thermodynamics,
  • New trends in electrodynamics,
  • Physics of materials:
    • Ideas of defective crystals,
    • Ferroic crystals,
    • Liquid crystals,
    • Molecular crystals,
    • High-temperature superconductors,
    • Semiconductors,
    • Plasma,
    • Polymers,
    • Amorphous media,
    • Smart materials
    • Anomalous phenomena in materials,
  • Biophysics,
  • Multiphase systems,
  • Multiscale problems.
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